Davenport Shooting Association


Club Calendar

Notice: Only .22 Rimfire and air guns may be fired on the indoor range.
Monthly Matches1 PM Start Time2018 Calendar
2018 Indoor
April 22nd - King Match and Dinner
April 28th (Saturday, 8AM) - Spring Work Party
2018 Outdoor
May 6th
June 3rd
July 15th
August 12th
September 16th
October 14th - Outdoor King Match and Dinner
September 21st - 23rd - DSA Schuetzenfest
October 27th (Saturday, 8AM) - Fall Work Party
2018 Indoor
November 3rd (Saturday, 5PM) - Annual Awards Banquet (clubhouse)
November 4th


Work Projects To Complete

There is plenty of  work to be done   -   Contact a Trustee or Click Here and let us know when you are available!

If you complete any of the work, let a Trustee know so that we may complete your work form and give you the proper credit.


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